Looking at the future: some common global trends

Looking at the future: some common global trends

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A study, conducted by Publicis Mediа in the period April 9-14, 2020 in 5 European countries, looked at how peoples’ habits have changed during the pandemic and more specifically, which changes will persist after the crisis is over and restrictions are lifted. Despite some differences, the study clearly shows some key common trends.

The two most frequently chosen activities that the respondents would take after the crisis is over: holidays in the country and going out more frequently (for food or to the cinema). The study also confirms the future importance of habits developed during the pandemic. 40% of respondents declare that they will continue with new habits. This is a clear signal for all brands that now is the best time to help create new habits and to become part of the new daily routine.

For Europe, a look into what the future might hold is provided by what’s happening in China. Research from mid-April by Publicis Groupe confirms the conclusions of the above study.

  • Going on a trip as a way to recover from social isolation translated into an approximately 250% increase in ticket reservations for June.

·      73% of consumers report a willingness to spend more money after the end of lockdown.

·      New trends in planned purchases are also already visible. Consumers declare much greater emphasis on the quality and safety of the products, increased interest in the first car purchase, in a bigger number of beauty products and openness to try new drinks. This offers a good indication as to how certain categories should be planning their communication activities.

Source: Toluna Global Barometer, Publicis Media „China Recovery”

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